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3M Electronic Specialty – Electronic Parts List

Thank you for your interest in our available manufacturer parts and components on ASAP Global Supplies. ASAP Global Supplies is a leading distributor of 3M Electronic Specialty parts, offering customers access to highly sought after items such as 10114-3000PC, 10120-5212PC, 10120-5242PC, 10126-3000PC, 10126-5212PC. All listed parts are readily available for purchase through our website today, and our team of industry experts are on standby 24/7x365 to provide you with rapid lead-times and competitive pricing for your benefit. To begin the purchasing process, fill out and submit an Instant RFQ form and we will provide you with a personalized quote in 15 minutes or less.

At ASAP Global Supplies, the quality of our offered parts is of the utmost importance. To ensure that you only receive the best, each item is rigorously tested, inspected, and cross referenced before being sent out. Furthermore, we are steadfast in our dedication to quality control standards, operating as an FAA AC 00-56B, AS9120B, and ISO 9001:2015 certified enterprise. Get started today and experience how ASAP Global Supplies can serve as your strategic sourcing partner.

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Part No Part Type Description QTY RFQ
Part No 10114-3000PC Part Typed subminiature connect Description14/mdr/rc/plug/solder/30min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10120-5212PC Part Typed subminiature connect Description20/mdr/rc/ra/plug/scwlk/30min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10120-5242PC Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description20/mdr/rc/ra/plug/4-40/30min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10126-3000PC Part Typed subminiature connect Description26/mdr/rc/plug/solder/30min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10126-5212PC Part Typed subminiature connect Description26/mdr/rc/ra/plug/scwlk/30min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10126-5242PC Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description26/mdr/rc/ra/plug/4-40scwlk/30min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10126-72B2PC Part Typed subminiature connect Description26/mdr/rc/plug/ra/reverse/glk/30min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10126-900APL Part Typed subminiature connect Description26/mdr/rc/strdle/plug/plastic/12au QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10136-3000PC Part Typed subminiature connect Description36/mdr/rc/plug/solder/30min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10136-5212PC Part Typed subminiature connect Description36/mdr/rc/ra/plug/scwlk/30min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10136-7212PC Part Typed subminiature connect Description36/mdr/rc/plug/ra/rvrse/scwlk/30min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10150-3000PC Part Typed subminiature connect Description50/mdr/rc/plug/solder/30min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10150-4CZ3PL Part Typed subminiature connect Description50/mdr/rc/plug/8min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10150-5212PC Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description50/mdr/rc/ra/plug/scwlk/30min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10150-52E2PC Part Typed subminiature connect Description50/mdr/rc/plug/ra/glk/30min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10150-7242PC Part Typed subminiature connect Description50/mdr/rc/plug/ra/rvrse/scw lk/30min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10150-72E2PC Part Typed subminiature connect Description50/mdr/rc/plug/ra/reverse/glk/30min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10150-900APL Part Typed subminiature connect Description50/mdr/rc/strdle/plug/plastic/12au QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10168-900APL Part Typed subminiature connect Description68/mdr/rc/strdle/plug/plastic/12au QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 101A0-900APC Part Typed subminiature connect Description100/mdr/rc/plug/st bd/30min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 101A0-900APL Part Typed subminiature connect Description100/mdr/rc/plug/st bd/12au QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10214-6202PC Part Typed subminiature connect Description14/mdr/rc/f skt/bd mt/st/m2.6/scw/30min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10214-6202PL Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description14/mdr/rc/f skt/bd mt/st/m2.6/scw/8min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10220-2200PE Part Typed subminiature connect Description20/mdr/rc/smt/recp/vertical/m2.6/20 au QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10220-2210PE Part Typed subminiature connect Description20/mdr/rc/smt/recp/vertical/m2.5/20 au QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10220-55H3PL Part Typed subminiature connect Description20/mdr/rc/ra/recp/smc/m2.5/8min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10220-6202PC Part Typed subminiature connect Description20/mdr/rc/fskt/bd mt/st/m2.6/scw/30min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10220-L8A9PE Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description20x2/condo/mdr/rc/recp/ra/20min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10220-M218PE Part Typed subminiature connect Description2x20/mdr/rc/condo/recp/20gold QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10226-1A10PC Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description26/mdr/rc/ra/smt rec p/ v2 design/30min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10226-1A10PL Part Typed subminiature connect Description26/mdr/rc/ra/smt rec p/ v2 design/8min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10226-2210PE Part Typed subminiature connect Description26/mdr/rc/ra/smt recp/m2.5/scw QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10226-52A2PL Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description26/mdr/rc/ra/recp/m2.6/flash QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10226-55F3PC Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description26/mdr/rc/ra/recp/smc/m2.6/30min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10226-55H3PC Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description26/mdr/rc/ra/recp/smc/4-40/30min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10226-6202PC Part Typed subminiature connect Description26/mdr/rc/f skt/bd mt/st/m2.6/scw/30min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10226-6202PL Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description26/mdr/rc/f skt/bd mt/st/m2.6/scw/8min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10236-2200PE Part Typed subminiature connect Description66/mdr/rc/smt/recp/vertical/m2.6/20 au QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10236-2210PE Part Typed subminiature connect Description36/mdr/rc/smt/recp/vertical/m2.5/20 au QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10236-55H3PL Part Typed subminiature connect Description36/mdr/rc/ra/recp/smc/4-40/8min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10236-55H4PC Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description36/mdr/rc/ra/recp/4-40/2.3mm tail QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10236-5DG3PL Part Typed subminiature connect Description36/mdr/rc/recp/ra/m2.6/12 gold QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10236-6202PC Part Typed subminiature connect Description36/mdr/rc/f skt/bd mt/st/m2.6/scw/30min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10236-6202PL Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description36/mdr/rc/f skt/bd mt/st/m2.6/scw/8min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10240-52A2PC Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description40/mdr/rc/ra/rec/m2.6/30min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10250-52B2PL Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description50/mdr/rc/ra/recp/hitemp/m2.5/grlk/8min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10250-55F3PC Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description50/mdr/rc/ra/recp/smc/m2.6/30min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10250-55F3PL Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description50/mdr/rc/ra/recp/smc/m2.6/8min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10250-55G3PC Part Typed subminiature connect Description50/mdr/rc/ra/recp/smc/m2.5/30min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10250-55H3PL Part Typed subminiature connect Description50/mdr/rc/ra/recp/smc/4-40/8min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10250-6202PC Part Typed subminiature connect Description50/mdr/rc/f skt/bd mt/st/m2.6/scw/30min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10250-6202PL Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description50/mdr/rc/f skt/bd mt/st/m2.6/scw/8min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10250-M218PE Part Typed subminiature connect Description10250-m218pe 2x50/mdr/rc/condo/recp/20gold QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10268-5212PC Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description68/mdr/rc/fskt/bdmt/ra/m2.5/scw/ 30 QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10268-52A2PL Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description68/mdr/rc/ra/recp/m2.6 swlk/8min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10268-52B2PL Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description68/mdr/rc/ra/recp/hitemp/m2.5/8min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10268-55H3PL Part Typed subminiature connect Description68/mdr/rc/ra/recp/smc/4-40/8min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10268-6202PC Part Typed subminiature connect Description68/mdr/rc/f skt/bd mt/st/m2.6/scw/30min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10268-6202PL Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description68/mdr/rc/f skt/bd mt/st/m2.6/scw/8min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10268-M218PE Part Typed subminiature connect Description68/mdr/2r/rc/condo/recp/20gold QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 10280-6212PL Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description80/mdr/rc/f skt/bd mt/st/m2.5/scw/8min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 102A0-6212PL Part Typed subminiature connect Description100/mdr/rc/f skt/bd mt/st/m2.5/scw/8min QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 12114-3000FR Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description14/sdr/rc/wmplug QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 12214-1110-00FR Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description14/sdr/rc/bmt/st/thru hole/l/.6au QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 12214-5110-00FR Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description14/sdr/rc/bmt/ra/thru hole/l/.6au QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 12214-5150-00PL Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description14/sdr/rc/bmt/st/thru/scw/2au QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 12214-8210-00FR Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description14/sdr/rc/smt/ra/l/.6au QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 12214-8250-00PL Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description14/sdr/rc/bmt/ra/smt/scw/2au QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 12226-1110-00FR Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description26/sdr/rc/bmt/st/thru hole/l/.6au QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 12226-5110-00FR Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description26/sdr/rc/bmt/ra/thru hole/l/.6au QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 12226-8210-00FR Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description26/sdr/rc/smt/ra/l/.6au QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 12226-8250-00PL Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description26/sdr/rc/bmt/ra/smt/scw/2au QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 12250-5110-00FR Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description50/sdr/rc/bmt/ra/thru hole/l/.6au QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 150220-2020-RB-WD Part Typeboard to board and car Description20/rc/2mm bdmt skt/2r/sm/wp/30u/t&r QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170010-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description10/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170010-100SF Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description10/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/100'sf QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170010-200 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description10/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/200' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170010-200SF Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description10/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/200'sf QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170010-300 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description10/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/300' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170010BP-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description10/cab/rc/tpmt(9,1.5)/28awg/.050""/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170010BP-300 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description10/cab/rc/tpmt(9,1.5)/28awg/.050""/300' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170010ED-300 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description10/cab/rc/tpmt(13.78,2)/28awg/.050""/300' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170010TB-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description10/cab/rc/tpmt(7.5,1)/28awg/.050""/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170010TO-100SF Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description10/cab/rc/tpmt(22,4)/28awg/.050""/100sf QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170014-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description14/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170014-100SF Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description14/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/100'sf QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170014-200 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description14/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/200' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170014-300 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description14/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/300' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170014BP-300 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description14/cab/rc/tpmt(9,1.5)/28awg/.050""/300' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170014BW-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description20/cab/rc/tpmt(8.5,2)28awg/.050""/csa/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170014BW-300 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description10/cab/rc/tpmt(17,2)/28awg/.050""/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170014EK-300 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description14/cab/rc/tpmt(13,1.5)/28awg/.050""/300' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170014TB-300 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description14/cab/rc/tpmt(7.5,1)/28awg/.050""/300' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170014TO-300 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description14/cab/rc/tpmt(22,4)/28awg/.050""/300' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170016-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description16/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170016-100SF Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description16/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/100'sf QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170016-200 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description16/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/200' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170016-200SF Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description16/cab/rc/tpmt(20.2)/28awg/.050""/200'sf QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170016BA-200 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description16/cab/rc/tpmt/(10.5,2.0)/28awg/str/.050""/200' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170016BP-200 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description16/cab/rc/tpmt/(9.0,1.5)/28awg/str/.050""/200' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170016TB-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description16/cab/rc/tpmt(7.5,1)/28awg/.050""/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170020-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description20/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170020-100SF Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description20/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/100'sf QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170020-200 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description20/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/200' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170020-300 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description20/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/300' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170020BA-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description20/cab/rc/tpmt/(10.5,2.0)28awg/str/.050""/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170020TB-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description20/cab/rc/tpmt(7.5,1)/28awg/.050""/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170020TO-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description20/cab/rc/tpmt(22,4)/28awg/.050""/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170026-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description26/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170026-100SF Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description26/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/100'sf QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170026-300 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description26/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/300' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170026BA-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description26/cab/rc/tpmt(10.5,2.0)/28awg/.050""/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170026BP-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description26/cab/rc/tpmt(9,1.5)/28awg/.050""/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170026TB-300 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description26/cab/rc/tpmt(7.5,1)/28awg/.050""/300' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170026TH-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description26/cab/rc/tpmt(10,3)/28awg/.050""/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170026TO-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description26/cab/rc/tpmt(22,4)/28awg/.050""/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170030-200 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description30/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/200' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170030EF-300 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description30/cab/rc/tpmt(31,2)/28awg/.050""/300' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170034-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description34/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170034-100SF Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description34/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/100'sf QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170034-200 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description34/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/200' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170034-300 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description34/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/300' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170034-300SF Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description34/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/300'sf QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170034BP-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description34/cab/rc/tpmt(9,1.5)/28awg/.050""/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170034TB-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description34/cab/rc/tpmt(7.5,1)/28awg/.050""/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170034TB-300 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description34/cab/rc/tpmt(7.5,1)/28awg/.050""/300' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170036-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description36/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170036-100SF Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description36/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/100'sf QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170040-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description40/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170040-100SF Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description40/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/100'sf QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170040-200 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description40/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/200' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170040-200SF Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description40/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/200'sf QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170040-300SF Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description40/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/300'sf QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170040BN-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description40/cab/rc/tpmt(10,2)/28awg/.050""/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170040BN-300 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description34/cab/rc/split3365/(1.75,.5)/28awg/.050/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170040BP-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description40/cab/rc/tpmt(9,1.5)/28awg/.050""/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170040BW-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description40/cab/rc/tpmt(34,2)/28awg/.050""/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170040EH-300 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description40/cab/rc/tpmt(6,2)/28awg/.050""/300' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170040TB-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description40/cab/rc/tpmt(7.5,1)/28awg/.050""/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170040TB-300 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description40/cab/rc/tpmt(7.5,1)/28awg/.050""/300' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170040TD-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description40/cab/rc/tpmt(43,3)/28awg/.050""/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170050-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description50/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170050-100SF Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description50/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/100'sf QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170050-200 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description50/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/200' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170050-200SF Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description50/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/200'sf QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170050-300 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description50/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/300' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170050-300SF Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description50/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/300'sf QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170050BJ-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description50/cab/rc/tpmt(12,2)28awg/.050""/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170050BJ-300 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description20/cab/rc/split3365/12.99,3.15)/28awg/300' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170050TD-200 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description50/cab/rc/tpmt(43,3)/28awg/.050""/200' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170050TG-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description50/cab/rc/tpmt(8.38,2.5)/28awg/.050""/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170060-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description60/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170060-100SF Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description60/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/100'sf QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170060-200 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description60/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/200' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170060TB-300 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description60/cab/rc/tpmt(7.5,1)/28awg/.050""/300' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170064-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description64/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170064-100SF Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description64/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/100'sf QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170064-300 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description64/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/300' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 170064-300SF Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description64/cab/rc/tpmt(20,2)/28awg/.050""/300'sf QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 1724 12 Part TypeNA DescriptionNA QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 178510-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description10/cab/rc/fljk shd tpmt/(20,2)/28awg/.050/cl2 QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 178516-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description16/cab/rc/fljk shd tpmt/(20,2)/28awg/.050/cl2 QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 178516-100SF Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description16/cab/rc/fljk shd tpmt/(20,2)/28awg/.050/cl2 QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 178520-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description20/cab/rc/fljk shd tpmt/(20,2)/28awg/.050/cl2/ QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 178520-100SF Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description20/cab/rc/fljk shd tpmt/(20,2)/28awg/.050/cl2 QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 178525-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description25/cab/rc/fljk shd tpmt/(20,2)/28awg/.050/cl2/ QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 178526-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description26/cab/rc/fljk shd tpmt/(20,2)/28awg/.050/cl2/ QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 178526-100SF Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description26/cab/rc/fljk shd tpmt/(20,2)/28awg/.050/cl2 QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 178534-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description34/cab/rc/fljk shd tpmt/(20,2)/28awg/.050/cl2/ QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 178534-100SF Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description34/cab/rc/fljk shd tpmt/(20,2)/28awg/.050/cl2 QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 178534-200 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description34/cab/rc/fljk shd tpmt/(20,2)/28awg/.050/cl2/ QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 178536-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description36/cab/rc/flj shtpmt/(20,2)/28awg/.050/cl2/100 QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 178536-100SF Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description36/cab/rc/fljk shd tpmt/(20,2)/28awg/.050/cl2 QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 178540-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description40/cab/rc/fljk shd tpmt/(20,2)/28awg/.050/cl2/ QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 178540-100SF Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description40/cab/rc/fljk shd tpmt/(20,2)/28awg/.050/cl2 QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 178540-200 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description40/cab/rc/fljk shd tpmt/(20,2)/28awg/.050/cl2 QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 178550-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description50/cab/rc/fljk shd tpmt/(20,2)/28awg/.050/cl2/ QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 178550-100SF Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description50/cab/rc/fljk shd tpmt/(20,2)/28awg/.050/cl2 QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 178550-200SF Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description50/cab/rc/fljkshdtpmt/(20,2)/28awg/050/cl2/ QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 178560-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description60/cab/rc/fljk shd tpmt/(20,2)/28awg/.050/cl2/ QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 178560-100SF Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description60/cab/rc/fljk shd tpmt/(20,2)/28awg/.050/cl2 QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 178564-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description64/cab/rc/fljk shd tpmt/(20,2)/28awg/.050/cl2/ QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 178564-100SF Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description64/cab/rc/fljk shd tpmt/(20,2)/.050/cl2/ QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 201009-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description09/cab/rc/typ1/halogen free/28awg/str/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 201009-300 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description09/cab/rc/typ1/halogen free/28awg/str/300' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 201010-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description10/cab/rc/typ1/halogen free/28awg/str/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 201010-300 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description10/cab/rc/typ1/halogen free/28awg/str/300' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 201014-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description14/cab/rc/typ1/halogen free/28awg/str/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 201014-300 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description14/cab/rc/typ1/halogen free/28awg/str/300' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 201014-300SF Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description14/cab/rc/typ1/halfree/28awg/str/.050/300sf QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 201014NS-300 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description14/cab/rc/typ1/halfree/28awg/str/n strp/.050/300 QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 201015-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description15/cab/rc/typ1/halogen free/28awg/str/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 201015-300 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description15/cab/rc/typ1/halogen free/28awg/str/300' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 201016-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description16/cab/rc/typ1/halogen free/28awg/str/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 201016-300 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description16/cab/rc/typ1/halogen free/28awg/str/300' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 201018-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description18/cab/rc/typ1/halfree/28awg/str/.050/100 QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 201020-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description20/cab/rc/typ1/halogen free/28awg/str/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 201020-300 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description20/cab/rc/typ1/halogen free/28awg/str/300' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 201024-100 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description24/cab/rc/typ1/halogen free/28awg/str/100' QTYAvl RFQ
Part No 201024-300 Part Typemiscellaneous electron Description24/cab/rc/typ1/halogen free/28awg/str/300' QTYAvl RFQ
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